What are the different naughty pleasures?

Libertine club

Express your sexuality as you wish! Themed evenings are often proposed to liven up these torrid moments...


You can't stand loneliness anymore? The sexy chat is for you! The naughty chat will allow you to make naughty contacts for a night or for a lifetime.


The flagship object of solitary and shared pleasure. For each pleasure, its sextoy... Discover the 1001 ways to enjoy.


Some facets of sex for different pleasures



Sex cam





The taboo of sexual fantasies

Break the taboos about sex in your relationship and share your fantasies and desires with your partner! Communication will help you to improve and strengthen your sexual complicity and maybe try new experiences…

Have you ever done webcam with your partner? You should know that there are many applications that can spice up your life together and will surely make you want to try new sexual practices… So, are you ready to meet your partner and say goodbye to taboos?

What if you left your comfort zone to experiment with new places to bring your intimacy out into the open and live your sexuality to the full? At the cinema, at the beach, at the pool, on a plane, in a car, on a train… the list goes on and on, and all places are good for making the pleasure last!

How about an intimate moment with some naughty toys? You can have fun in bed with a dildo or a vibrator for 10 times more pleasure. The dildo, the very first naughty toy, is specially designed for vaginal penetration. As for the vibrator, it will offer you double the pleasure between the simulation by vibrations and vaginal penetration.

The practices

Oral sex.

Oral sex practices exist for both men and women. Why do they appeal so much and what are the different positions


It is not exclusively reserved for men, women also have the right to sexual pleasure. So let’s lift the taboos on female masturbation!


It’s time to go 50 Shades of Grey! Discover a fun and exciting way to play with your partner…

Naughty games

Naughty games are not just about the cliché of the sexy nurse or the sexy policewoman in uniform. To avoid sinking into the routine of sexual intercourse, there is nothing better than an erotic game to enhance your lovemaking and boost your libido!

Discover the mysteries of Kama Sutra (from Sanskrit, kama “desire” and sutra “aphorism”). Try these exotic positions like the butterfly union, the rosebud, the lotus, the drunken boat, doggy style and much more…

How about turning your games of Trivial Pursuit into naughty pledges with every wrong answer to go from laughter to sheets? You can spice up your evenings with strip poker, dice, an erotic film to awaken your senses or even act sexy by filming your lovemaking… Pleasure and memorable memories guaranteed for these types of erotic adventures!

Want to eroticize your sex life? Discover the different types of massage that will open the doors to desire. Sensual, enveloping, sexy and energizing, the erotic massage will create vibrations and shivers in a well adapted setting (subdued light, relaxing music, scented candles) and it’s all done…