How do you get into libertarianism?

Many fantasies lead couples to enter the sexual freedom zone. So if you’re trying to spice up your relationship, a threesome or swinging may be of interest. Take advantage of this guide to get the best libertine tips for beginners.

Discuss your fantasy with your partner

Do you want to push your sexual boundaries? Getting into kink will introduce you to new experiences. Libertarianism, as the name suggests, is the practice of sexual acts with another person in front of your partner. Even though it is forbidden in society, this preference appeals to many couples of all ages. If you want to watch your other half being taken by another person, or if you want to have sex with two people at the same time, don’t hesitate to tell your partner about your fantasies.

You can try to give your partner some inspiration with erotic films on the theme of libertinage. You are out of luck if your man/woman feels particularly threatened by your new sexual need.

Set strict rules

Just because you’ve taken up libertarianism doesn’t mean you want to be unfaithful. You just need to set some rules to avoid triggering jealousy in your relationship. It is important to emphasise mutual trust in order to prevent any misunderstandings and misinterpretations of promiscuity. Ask your partner about the “taboos” that should never be practised, even if it is a libertine act. Some people forbid their partner to kiss the participants, perform oral sex or mate without a condom.

In most cases, couples choose strangers in order to maintain discretion. This way you avoid revealing your identity. Some even wear masked disguises during sex.

Find the third person or another sex couple

Locate places that will help you get into the sex trade. There are online platforms, clubs or bars that bring together individuals and couples who are already practising libertarianism. Start with an open discussion over a few drinks to see if you can come to an agreement with the third parties.

Once you have reached an agreement, make your plan. You can host your guests at your home or rent a hotel room. Try to list in advance the sexual practices you have always dreamed of. However, have fun without worrying about the details. In some cases, watching a video of a threesome or foursome may be necessary. This may help you to forget all your reservations about the person or couple you have chosen.