How to have naughty conversations over the phone?

Are you in a long-distance relationship or do you simply want to spice up your relationship? What if you tried the experiment of phone sex? Although it’s a very old-fashioned method, you’ll be surprised at the benefits it will bring to your relationship. Sexting, naughty calls, all means are good to please yourself in a different way, in a naughty atmosphere with your partner.

Telephone conversation VS sexting: which method to choose?

Although naughty phone calls date back to our grandmothers’ time, this does not make them an outdated method. If you need to be close to your partner, to feel their emotions live, then this is the method for you. Sexting is very fashionable nowadays, and offers the possibility to exchange more than just messages. The advent of technology and the Internet has allowed many couples to exchange photos and even videos via SMS.

So, phone sex can be done in many different ways, and the choice is based on individual preferences. Shy people will prefer texting, while for the more imaginative, the erotic call is the best choice.

Preparing for a naughty phone conversation

Of course, you can’t start a naughty phone conversation under the wrong conditions. This is an intimate moment for your couple, which you must prepare if you want everything to go well. Make sure that all the conditions are right for a romantic exchange, starting with your surroundings. Make sure you are alone, preferably in your bedroom, as if you were to have real sex with your partner. This will allow you to be quiet and concentrate more easily on your naughty exchanges. If necessary, light some candles and wear your sexy underwear to get you in the right mood.

Naughty phone conversations: what to say and what to do?

If this is your first attempt, you may be a little apprehensive and not know where to start. While you should prepare your surroundings carefully, your speech should be as natural as possible.

Before you call or write to your partner, start by putting yourself at ease, and not thinking too much about what you are going to say. Just imagine all the things you would like to do to your partner if he or she were with you at that moment. Once you are relaxed, let your desires flow and tell him or her what is behind your thoughts.

If you really have no idea how to start, compliments work every time!