Sextoy : qu’est ce qu’un rabbit ?

Erotic toys are an important part of the sex life of singles. Thousands of couples also use them to increase their desire and try new experiences. So if you’re working on your partner’s G-spot, a sextoy that stimulates both the clitoris and the vagina would be ideal. Find out more about the rabbit in this article.

A state of the art vibrator

The rabbit, as its name suggests, is a sex toy in the shape of a rabbit. It is a vibrating dildo that develops a rabbit ear on its base. The device has a contemporary design and is protected by a silicone structure. It offers a soft and supple coating. The rabbit sextoy is mainly intended for clitoral women. Moreover, it is one of the best-selling vibrators on the market. For simultaneous pleasure, the device not only vibrates inside the vagina, but also on the clitoris. The maximum duration of use is unlimited. This means that you will have time to enjoy the vibrations of the toy until you reach orgasm.

An easy-to-use sex toy

Many couples argue when the woman does not reach orgasm during every sexual encounter. In order to best satisfy his partner, the man should start by mastering the woman’s erogenous zones. To do this, the rabbit sextoy could be very useful. It will help your lovely lady to cum in the best conditions.

The device offers easy to press control buttons. Depending on the mood, it is possible to activate a single function or a dual function. Most users start by stimulating the clitoris for easy penetration of the toy. Later, a vibration inside the vagina can begin to trigger an orgasm. For maximum arousal, both vibrations should be used at the same time. Do not hesitate to stop the machine abruptly to delay the orgasm. The speed of the device increases automatically to optimise the intensity of the vibrations.

A sextoy to suit all budgets

A rabbit sextoy has a powerful battery to accompany you during your lovemaking. It is usually rechargeable via USB. The cost of this sextoy will not take a fortune. There are low cost models that offer full functionality. Buying this sex toy is instantaneous online. All you have to do is browse the web platform of a sex toy retailer. After paying for your order online, your package will be delivered to your home or hotel room.